Monday, July 6, 2009

Attack of the Blog

The past week has gone by very quickly in Stuttgart. I've been at the DLR (German Aerospace Center) Monday to Friday spending some time doing work for my PhD. DLR have some high-speed testing machines which I will be able to use to test some specimens at rates representative of what you would get in a survivable helicopter crash for example; as opposed to the much slower crush testing I have been able to do back in Australia. On the riding front I still have been able to get out each day; on Wed I took the afternoon off to go riding with Hannes who showed me heaps of MTB trails in the forest around Stuttgart. Below are some pics of Stuttgart, plus a couple more pics from Trans Germany.

Stuttgart; as seen from half-way up the hill if I ride to DLR

From the main station clock tower; the centre of town gives way straight to vinyards and rolling hills

Another view from the clock tower

Palace right in the centre of town

A view of the part of town where I'm staying; I can follow the "castle" gardens all the way in

This is Mercedes country

Trans Germany: welcome to summer in Germany - I know it's a little out of focus, but it was really this wet and foggy during the race :(

Which meant desperate measures to get clean and dry gear for the next day (is there anything gaffer tape can't do?)