Monday, July 26, 2010

Champery World Cup

My first World Cup XC race was never going to be stunning, but I guess I had been hoping for a bit better than a DNF. With the combination of short laps and lots of boggy sections after non-stop rain on thursday and friday, it was always going to be challenge to keep lapping and not get pulled by the dreaded commissaire and his red flag.

I had number 113 in a field of 200 odd. My start was OK, but I probably didn't really gain any places before the track narrowed down in the the first singletrack. Most of the first lap was spent running with chainrings, studs and tires biting at my ankles through the deep mud. Once we hit the first steep climb I knew it wasn't going to be a great day. On that first climb I must have lost 10 places, a pattern to be repeated on the next laps too. Second lap was spent a little more on the bike, but not much more! I had caught up with Blairy at this stage, and we were both doing OK through the flatter stuff and then losing places on the climb.

I knew it couldn't be long before I was pulled, so starting my 4th lap I thought I better give it everything. I had a clear run at the most technical section for the first time, but as I launched and landed the big drop I instantly heard the sickening sound of spokes greeting the deraileur. Landing the big drop has flexed the wheel just enough for the deraileur to grab the spokes, which was my fault as I had not shifted down from the biggest cog on the back after the steep pinch climb up into the techincal section. So all that was left for me to do was untangle the mess of chain, cables and deraileur, and walk back home. I'll give another update in the next couple of days once we get to Italy. Hopefully luck improves over the border and we have more sunshine and no mechanicals!

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GRANT said...

Hi Aj, Sorry to hear that you had a bad run. That drop does look nasty! Glad to see you had better luck in Italy. Good Luck mate at the Marathon Champs.
Grant and Briohny